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By Andy, May 25 2016 10:39AM

Cows ought not to eat nuts tomorrow…. That’s how my Dad used to tell me to remember how to spell the word content! Not really sure where that saying came from or if it’s just another of my dear old Dad’s pearls of wisdom!

However, nowadays, ‘content’ means something different, in marketing terms, and has a very important role in your marketing strategy.

That’s not to say that the ‘content’ of your marketing hasn’t always been key, but never more so than since the advent of what is now known specifically as ‘content marketing’.

Content Marketing takes on many forms!
Content Marketing takes on many forms!

You may have also heard the terms ‘story telling’ and, perhaps, ‘user journey’ used in equal amounts too, but, whatever you call it, it’s crucial as part of today’s marketing landscape – it’s how you are perceived by your customers; dictates how much Google likes and ranks your site; and affects the extent to which the masters of social media display your messages to its millions of followers.

So, for the avoidance of any doubt, what exactly is ‘content’?

By Andy, May 10 2016 02:26PM

The word ‘engagement’ is now arguably more used than ever before, thanks to the explosion of social media into our lives.

But why is engagement so important to everyone? Simple – if a customer engages with your brand, you’ve obviously made them sit up and take notice of you and that’s half the battle of any kind of marketing.

So, they’ve engaged with you – what now? Again, relatively simple – let’s engage back with them. They’ve taken the time to do it, so should you!

The most important thing about engagement is that it is a two way street. Don’t get someone engaged then do nothing… they’ll just disappear as fast they came.

Find things out about them (without being intrusive) – things like their age, sex, email and date of birth and lo and behold, you’ve started building a database and a mailing list, which are incredible assets.

When they have visited your establishment, make sure you give them a reason to return, with some kind of ‘comeback coupon’. They are very powerful and persuasive, yet very simple things to make someone come back (providing they’ve enjoyed their initial visit!).

Did you know that well over 50% of people go out to eat on their birthday? So, if you’ve been a clever clogs, you’ll have already collected date of birth and email, in your database build, so get emailing them a personalised birthday offer to tempt them in on their special day.

It’s a fact that people love a competition or a bit of fun, especially via social media, so why not engage people this way by running a ‘get your dish on our menu’ type competition (that’s just one idea of course) offering the best dish entry a slot on your specials menu for, say, a month.

And lastly, for now, reward loyalty. It can take between 3 and 30 times more spend to recruit one new customer, than it takes to retain an existing one! So, by rewarding loyal customer with offers, freebies or just plain and simple discount (after so many visits) you’re not only encouraging repeat business, but engaging with them time and time again.

These are just a few tips from the Fresh Take Marketing guide to marketing your bar or restaurant. We’ll be back soon with more, so watch this space!

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